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Our Green Gift

Help us to green your salon and make it more sustainable!

Today, each of us has a role in igniting and supporting a greener world. Regardless of age or background, we all share equally in both the opportunities and the challenges of building sustainable communities and a healthier planet. We also know that there are many ways to step a little lighter through responsible, informed choices. Everyday we vote with our dollars to support greener businesses within our communities. We all do this because understand how important it is to advocate environmental stewardship, to reclaim our habitat and urban spaces, and to advance positive green change.

We get it! So, we want to invite you to participate in enabling salons and spas to become affordably and competitively green. And, we want to recognize your efforts!

We invite you to be a part of our solution!

When you next visit your local salon, barber, spa or wellness center and you are at the sink or in the chair-take some time to enjoy the experience and also to think. Look around you and really think...and count. Listen to the whirr of the blow dryers. Watch the experts apply the foils and dyes. See the spray bottles making masterpieces of artistry. Watch the changing faces of your fellow customers. See the hair fall, the water rush, the dyes rinse out, see the gowns being donned and the transformations unveiled as the gowns are released. Beauty and excitement abounds!

But now, all along you have been thinking- what does all of this add up to? Where does all of this go? Hundreds of people may sit in these chairs every month! Who is responsible for what happens to all the "stuff" that has made me beautiful? Am I part of the problem or can I be part of the solution?


So, here is how it works:

  • Talk to your salon professional. Tell them that you are concerned and care about what falls on the floor, what goes down the sink and what touches your body.
  • Tell them that you have heard of a new company, Green Circle Salons and that they have a green pathway that they can help your salon or spa build.
  • Either send us an email about them, or send them to the email address below and ask your salon or spa to see what we offer.  
  • We are excited to meet with your salon or spa and take them through our offerings. We know that they will tell you, our plan makes everyone a winner, including the planet!
  • To thank you for successfully igniting the green transformation at your favorite salon or spa, we want to recognize you! If they join our network, here's our thanks.

You will receive a $75 credit at the salon or spa that you have helped to become green with Green Circle Salons.

So, choose green. Give us a call or email. We look forward to treating you!

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